Meet Your Body

Did you know that your body is a being unto itself? You are an infinite being, and your body has a consciousness of it's own. You create your body with your points of view and choices AND it has it's own point of view with regard to the choices that effect it. Things like what your body eats, what your body wears, what living environment your body is in. 


Your body can be your best friend. It is always with you after all.  What would it be like to become a best friend to your body? What would it be like to honor it, nurture it, be there for it, listing to what it requires and desires and prefers; just as you would treat any truly best friend that you love and adore? 

Phenomenal and spectacular changes can occur when you start to have regard and gratitude for your body 


Changing PTSD

A different take on how to change PTSD
Discover a pathway to peace, ease, and freedom

What if you are not broken? What if you are not wrong?

What if you do not need fixing?

...and what if you can change it all?