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"All of life comes to me
with ease and joy and glory"

Every choice you make creates.

Your choices are a superpower!

Every time you choose, it creates something.

All aspects of your life, living, reality and body are the culmination of the choices you have made up to this moment.


Change your choices and you start to change how your entire life shows up. 

What if the process of making new and different choices could be more ease filled and enjoyable? 

What are the elements that make YOUR choices such a superpower? 




You are already those elements. You BE them already. 

Everything on this website is to invite you to start utilizing the superpowers you already have and are; in ways you have not yet practiced or considered you can choose and function as. 

Welcome to the adventure of BEING you.

As you apply the practice of BEING energy, space and consciousness you will expand what becomes possible for you, what you can choose, what you can change, and what you can create. 


The information on this website and all that I practice is based on the definition of consciousness as given by Access Consciousness™. 

Access Consciousness™ defines consciousness as "including everything and judging nothing."

What does this mean in practical terms? 

When you no longer do separation from anything you have ever been and done, or anything you are right now - you will be aware. You will be consciousness. 

When you no longer separate from yourself, you naturally have no need, desire or requirement to separate from others. The walls of separation melt and cease to exist. 

To judge nothing means you choose to drop any judgment you have about anyone or anything being right or wrong, or good or bad.


It just is what it is.

You cannot judge anyone or anything else unless you first judged YOURSELF about that same thing.

Every molecule in the universe is conscious. 


Everything is energy. 

Energy is the underlying element of all that is. Address the energy and you can become aware of what is. 

When you address what is, then you have the ability and opening to change it - no matter what "it" is. 

The energy never lies.

No energy can harm you.   

The energy you be can move, change, transform and become.

YOU are an energy being.

You naturally are capable of being any energy you choose simply by request. 

Change the energy you are being, and you change how that aspect of your life and body show up.


Judgment about an energy will cut off your awareness and consciousness of everything else that energy IS that does not match your judgment.


By choosing to drop your judgments you can become infinitely aware.

Energy is already your first language. You speak it now. Just no one has ever taught you that this is true about you. 


 The unique conglomeration of energies you already are is a gift to the world. 


You as a being are capable of BEING space. 

Being space is expansive, infinite, relaxed, active, inclusive and extremely powerful. 

When you be space then everything is naturally included, including ALL of YOU.

When you be space, you naturally do not resist and react, nor do you align and agree. You just are you.

This reality does everything it can to get you to contract your consciousness, energy and space so that you can be controlled. So that you react, rather than choose and take action that includes what works for you. 

When you expand the space of being you are; then all lies melt away, all separation ceases to exist, all judgments become irrelevant and disappear.

When you are space you can access any and all energies. 

When you are being space you notice what is.

When you be space you have infinite choices. 

You already have the ability to choose to become more space. Are you choosing that which will expands you and your reality, or are you dedicated to all the things that contract you?

It's just a choice.

Meet Your Body

Did you know that your body is a being unto itself? You are an infinite being, and your body has a consciousness of it's own. You create your body with your points of view and choices AND it has it's own point of view with regard to the choices that effect it. Things like what your body eats, what your body wears, what living environment your body is in. 


Your body can be your best friend. It is always with you after all.  What would it be like to become a best friend to your body? What would it be like to honor it, nurture it, be there for it, listing to what it requires and desires and prefers; just as you would treat any truly best friend that you love and adore? 

Phenomenal and spectacular changes can occur when you start to have regard and gratitude for your body 



Changing PTSD

A different take on how to change PTSD
Discover a pathway to peace, ease, and freedom

What if you are not broken? What if you are not wrong?

What if you do not need fixing?

...and what if you can change it all?

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