Meet Your Body

We are constantly bombarded with judgment of bodies.

What is wrong with yours? What is right with yours? What is bad about yours? What is good about yours? ....all judgments. Judgment destroy and hurt bodies. Judgment limits what is possible for your body to become. You are not wrong for judging your body. It is what we have all been taught to do. 


What if there is a different way to be with your body? A way to invite kindness, nurturing, caring, pleasure, and ease with and for your body.


The pathway to increasing the kindness, nurturing, caring, pleasure and ease with your body is a simple one, yet few venture down it. Will you? 


The pathway of honoring your body can be found in your daily choices, in dropping the judgment of you and it, and in accessing the infinite energies both you and your body have available, that you maybe never considered or allowed. 


We are energy, our body is energy. Everything has an energetic component to it. EVERYTHING.


When you start to recognize that you have the ability to change your choices and change the energy you are being; this can change anything and everything. This may sound a little airy-fairy right now if you have never acknowledged the awareness of energy you naturally have, however I assure you it is the most practical thing in the world. You already have an energetic awareness of everything, you just have never been taught to acknowledge or utilize it. What if you could start?


I started down this path at age 21. In the course of a year and a half I was able to heal myself of asthma and severe food allergies. How did it do it? With everything I just talked about. Changing my choices, questioning and changing my points of view, dropping the judgments of me and my body, allowing the energies of everything in my body and my life to change. Asking for it. 

It wasn't until a decade later that I found Access Consciousness. The tools of awareness and developing our energetic capacities that Access Consciousness has available are so much easier, simpler and faster than what I had discovered on my own.


It has been a natural fit for me and a huge acknowledgment of what I already know and knew.
So for the last 17 years I have added the tools of creation, change and awareness from Access Consciousness and everything keeps getting better in every area of my life. 


Access Consciousness really does empower you to know that you know. 

Access Consciousness empowers you to allow your body to know what it knows. 


What do you and your body know, that if you would allow yourself to know it and be it, would change everything and create the life you truly love living and the body you truly enjoy having (no matter what it looks like)? 


Being happy with you and your body right now does not exclude the possibility of creating you and your body greater. It does not exclude the option to choose more, be more, ask for more. 


Enjoying now opens the door to creating a more enjoyable future. 

What will you choose today to create your tomorrow?