Truly being yourself, no barriers, no self diminishment, no judgment; just total presence - is one of the most transformative, nurturing and empowering ways to show up for yourself and others. It can literally change ANYTHING! Welcome to the Symphony of possibilities!

In this symphony session you will experience the energy, spaciousness and consciousness you already are - combined with the power of request, the energetic contribution we can all be for ourselves, with one another, and including the earth.

No pre-requisites.
No past experience require.
Replay this audio over and over for continued transformation.

Just you, your body and the willingness to be open to the possibilities of something greater for you and everyone. This is an adventure in the magic of gifting and receiving simply by showing up.

In this 30 minute taster experience the awesome that is YOU!



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Symphony Session Taster REPLAY from July 2020 with Heather Smith