Symphony of Possibilities

Symphony Sessions

with Symphony Advanced Practitioner

 Heather P. Smith

1 : 1 & Group Sessions

Do you secretly wish you had magical superpowers to change some part of your life?


“A symphony session” (SOP) is a dynamic, magical, practical, potent and nurturing acknowledgment of the infinity energetic beings we all are and can be.


In a symphony session you get to practice, play in and utilize the superpowers of request, choice, energy and consciousness....that you maybe didn’t realize you have.


You don’t have to know how, you just have to be willing to go on the adventurere, lay back, get comfortable and receive.


Sessions done long distance, on zoom.

How do I book a 1 : 1 SOP session?

1) Submit payment using payment buttons.

2) Once you've purchased your session submit a request form and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

How do I join a group SOP session?

1) Click the Group SOP Registration button. This will take to you to our events page. If we have a group SOP session scheduled please register and pay.


*A recording of your session is included with your purchase of a 1 : 1 or group SOP. 

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